Thank you for deciding to raise funds for Chronic Pain Ireland. Your generosity allows us to continue in our work to help provide services and hope to people living with chronic pain. To start fundraising is easy!


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Local / National Events

One of the easiest ways to help Chronic Pain Ireland is to enter a local or national fundraising event.

  • Simply search for a suitable event in your area, whether it’s a walk, run, cycle, or any other organised event.
  • Contact the organisers and enter the event.
  • Then contact Chronic Pain Ireland so that we can provide you with your T-Shirt, sponsorship card and promote your fundraising efforts.

Pick your own event

You can decide to create your own fundraising event – anything from a sale of work to a sheep-dog-trial or just about anything your imagination can come up with.

Or You Can Choose From One Of The Following



Join in our #InsideOutChallenge

Pain is something that many of us feel, but it cannot be seen.  That does not mean it is not real.  If others could only see our pain! But it is for the most part inside our bodies, often preventing us from enjoying life, working, or even sleeping. 

One of the most difficult things to do is to have others understand what it is like to live with pain.  But, perhaps we can bring their attention to the pain that lives within. 

Help us to generate awareness by wearing at least one piece of clothing INSIDE OUT on any Friday during September Pain Awareness Month.  People will ask you why you are doing this---the perfect opportunity to talk about the importance of the topic.

Post your picture and challenge your friends to wear their cloths INSIDE OUT during a Friday in September!

If you would like to donate to CPI every cent counts. You can donate online or choose us as your fundraiser when challenging your friends on social media

Did you know  that 

  • Chronic pain is an invisible epidemic that has a profound effect of people and society
  • 13% of the Irish population are affected by Pain
  • The estimated total economic burden is 5.34bn
  • Chronic pain does not discriminate; it affects people of all ages, races, and backgrounds
  • Many people conceal their pain because of stigma and shame
  • Chronic pain has an impact on family members; they can suffer as much as the person, even though they don’t feel the physical pain
  • Challenge your friends, family, and colleagues to wear their clothes inside out one Friday in September, post your pictures #insideoutchallenge
Coffee Morning for Chronic Pain

Coffee Morning in aid of Chronic Pain Ireland

We are asking all our fantastic friends and followers to hold or take part in a Coffee Morning on any day during September’s Pain Awareness Month (PAM) in aid of Chronic Pain Ireland. Pain is something that many of us feel, but it cannot be seen and is quickly forgotten.  For those living with persistent chronic pain conditions they often feel isolated as others cannot comprehend the impact pain has on every aspect of life.  Chronic pain is not visible, it often prevents people from enjoying a full life, as work, family and social life are impacted and the condition can also greatly impact on sleep. 

One of the most difficult things to do is to have others understand what it is like to live with pain.  This international campaign aims to draw attention to the need for better understanding of what a person with pain deals with on a daily basis, the challenges they face and society's lack of understanding about chronic pain.  This is an effort to ensure that there is improved access to care and for greater education among the healthcare community and society. 


Please can you support Chronic Pain Ireland? Would you be able to hold a coffee morning either at home, work, school/college, sports, a cafe or your social club or group?

If you normally meet friends for coffee, why not invite them to your house and ask them to donate what they would have spent. Ask your friends and family to bake too and join you on the day.

If you would like to host a coffee morning please register to get your free coffee pack here:

With your help we can provide more services and support to those living with chronic pain conditions.  So please get together with your friends and family to help and ensure that no one has to suffer alone!

Your time, effort, and contributions will enable us to provide support service to people and their families who are affected by chronic pain and the impact it has on every aspect of their lives.

Every year Chronic Pain Ireland supports hundreds of people and with your help we hope to reach out to the many thousands of people who are struggling.  Recent statistics show that 13% of the Irish population are affected by pain and of that number 89% feel that they cannot speak to family members or friends about their condition.1

Chronic Pain Ireland is a registered charity and receives SSNO funding which covers the cost of our part-time administrator.  We are very grateful to Pobal and the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government under the Programme and Scheme to Support National Organisations (SSNO) 2016-2019.  While we are delighted to be receive this support we are heavily reliant on donations from our members and the public to cover all our support services which includes telephone support line, workshops, public awareness events and talks.

If you can help, please get in touch.



Purchase an e-book by Audrey Farrelly

Audrey Farrelly is a member of Chronic Pain Ireland and her debut book 'My Second Baby Jude' is now available in eCopy format from Chronic Pain Ireland priced at €5.99.

"This book is a great read and is a fascinating insight into life before and with chronic pain" - John Lindsay, Chairperson, CPI.

To see an excerpt from Audrey’s book and the reviews from readers who have already enjoyed her book click here

Response Clothing Co. (Socially Responsible T-shirts & Clothing) chooses Chronic Pain Ireland as Charity Partner for 2018

Response Clothing Co. on selecting Chronic Pain Ireland as it's charity partner for 2018 means that everything sold in the Response.? Clothing range will result in a €2 donation to Chronic Pain Ireland. 
If you haven't heard of Response.? their mission is to "offer quality T-shirts that people can be proud to wear. Why? When people see you in your Response .? they know you care, about society, about people, about the future. That you care about the issues affecting all of us".

They state "Yes, we want to make money. We want to feed our families, pay for the roof over our heads, the basics in life. But, there are many people that don’t even have these basics. And while Response .? is not a charity in itself we donate as much as we can to the those in our society who need it the most".

Their first blog to inform their custombase about why they chose CPI relates to a sufferer of chronic pain (a CPI member) and can be read here 

Please check out their full range of t-shirts website, follow them on facebook and spread the word!


Thank you for your support

Sporting Events

All around the country there are various events that take place from 5K walks, runs, cycle challenges, marathons etc.  If you are thinking of taking up a challenge  then please consider fundraising for Chronic Pain Ireland - we need your Help.   Once you are registered for your particular event, please contact Christina on who will be happy to take you through some helpful fundraising tools and post out your fundraising pack and that all important CPI t-shirt!

The simplest way to use these events to raise money on our behalf is to view some of the events listed on our events section of and then setting up your own fundraising page that you can share with family and friends.  

We've loads of idea's listed on our iDonate events pages including the ultimate challenge of Are YOU willing to go to Hell and Back for Chronic Pain Ireland?  We've also got lots of local and national fundraising marathons and events listed. is dedicated to providing services to charities and fundraisers making it easy, simple and safe for you to raise money for your chosen charity.

Setting up your page takes just a few minutes, and you can then ask all your friends, family and social media contacts to support you on your page.

Hell & Back for Chronic Pain Ireland

Hell & Back is Ireland's toughest physical and mental endurance challenge.  These challenges are geared for either individuals or teams.  So why not check out their web-site below for a challenge near you and contact Christina for your fundraising pack!