Pain Awareness & Pain Management Techniques (Dublin)

Pain Awareness & Pain Management Techniques (Dublin)

Are you struggling to cope, is living with pain getting you down? 

2:15 - 4:45 pm
Pain Awareness & Pain Management Techniques (Dublin)



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Chronic Pain Ireland Chairperson Deirdre Ryan is delivering a free infomational talk and anyone living with pain or supporting someone are very welcome to attend. During the talk Deirdre (who herself lives with a chronic pain condition) will outline and discuss the following:

What is Chronic Pain?
What makes Chronic Pain different to other pain?
What help is available?
Key facets of Self-Management skills including: Pacing, Managing Flare-Ups, Exercise, Relaxation, Sleep, Medication and Minding your Mental Health.
Questions & Answers

There is no charge to attend this public event and Chronic Pain Ireland are very grateful for the support of HSE Irishtown Primary Care Centre.