IASP 2022 Global Year for Translating Pain Knowledge to Practice

January 27th, 2022

The International Association for the Study of Pain's Global Year focuses on a special aspect of pain and to increase awareness within the pain community and beyond. The aim of the 2022 Global Year is to increase awareness of pain knowledge and how it can benefit of those living with pain. The 2022 Global Year will provide fact sheets and webinars, news and publications, and workshops and events at World Congress to help lead to improved patient outcomes.

Throughout 2022, IASP will be offering a variety of materials dedicated to the Global Year theme.  These materials are intended for a wide audience including those living with pain and the public along with researchers and clinicians.  There will be fact sheets, webinars, infographics and other materials that are free to access or share as part of their mission to educate a global audience and work towards pain relief. 
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