'My Second Baby Jude' by Audrey Farrelly - read here

September 21st, 2018

Audrey Farrelly is a member of Chronic Pain Ireland and her debut book 'My Second Baby Jude' is now available in eCopy format from Chronic Pain Ireland priced at €5.99.

"This book is a great read and is a fascinating insight into life before and with chronic pain" - John Lindsay, former Chairperson, CPI.

See below for an excerpt from Audrey’s book and the reviews from readers who have already enjoyed her book:

November, 2015
The front picture on my book is a photograph taken in Glendalough, Co. Wicklow by my husband, Derek.  It was a beautiful day and we had headed down to Wicklow and enjoyed a picnic by the lakeside.  I took in every ounce of the beauty along the walk we took, down by the lake and upwards towards the mines.
I never thought I would be in a position where I could never walk that walk again and yet here I am with that thought in my head.
Whilst on the Pain Management Programme, we learnt how to meditate and relax under the guidance of Dr. Rosemary Walsh.  She played “The Enchanted Forest” on CD.  We were told to lie down and relax and I had been staring up at the ceiling and the strong fluorescent light was still evident in my vision when she told us to relax and close our eyes. The red flare in the photograph depicted my pupil and what I saw when I shut my eyes.
I travelled through the forest and pictured it just like the image from Glendalough.  I made my journey and headed for the sunlight.  I brought Nana Dorris with me and she held my hand.  In my relaxed state, I enjoyed her company that day as I had not seen her in five years and I missed her.
When we saw smoke coming from a house, we were intrigued and headed towards the house through the gateway and knocked on the front door.  Jude, who was about eight, opened the door. He was not alone and my Papa Dorris was minding him very well.  He was dressed ‘country-like’, was well fed and cared for, and he was as handsome as his brother Evan and as quiet and beautiful as his sister Emma.  I looked around the house and it was a familiar house.  I was standing beside the open fire in the little house located in Creevy, Lissacul, Co. Roscommon.  All my happy childhood memories came flooding back and the fun we had as kids spending our summers in this ‘home from home’.
We did not stay long; we bid Jude and Papa a farewell and promised we would come back another day.
It’s nice to think I can visit again on days that I need to reach out to those who have gone before me, and who knows who I might meet next time when I visit the ‘enchanted forest’?
I hope one day there will be a cure for me… not a ‘pill for my ill’ but a real cure.  In the meantime, I will stick to my rehabilitation programme where hurt does not mean harm and enjoy just being alive and live a determined and fulfilled life.
To read more and to order your copy of Audrey's book go to http://www.chronicpain.ie/get-involved/make-a-donation

On behalf of Chronic Pain Ireland we wish to gratefully acknowledge and sincerely thank Audrey for her incredibly generous donation of her debut book.  We hope that the proceeds from sales will help us to provide support services to members and all living with chronic pain conditions.

Audrey is donating 100% of the proceeds from her debut book to Chronic Pain Ireland. As with all donations CPI receives, every cent raised will go directly back into providing and improving services for all living with chronic pain.

Audrey states "I wanted to find a way to thank CPI who have helped me find strength just when I needed it most.  I remain indebted to this charity and am so grateful for their hard work and their support which is second to none.  I hope the proceeds from my book will make funds available to aid more seminars and workshops around the country and to help all who are in need of the tremendous support of Chronic Pain Ireland.    Please ask you family and friends to purchase a copy, it may give them a deep understanding of how affected our lives are hit when we suffer with chronic pain".


Reader Reviews

Andrea Hayes: Audrey congratulations on writing your book and sharing your story. I know it will help so many people and CPI. You should be so proud.

Mary Sheehy: This is a great read it's written straight from Audrey's own experience and her life journey. Don't get confused this is not a depressing book it's full of memories happy and sad. Once I started reading I couldn't leave it down. Well done to my wonderful niece for wanting to give something back to CHRONIC PAIN IRELAND all proceeds go to this great organization.

Review from Ana, Spain
I've just finished your book and I can't wait to tell you how inspiring and admiring you are! Since you were my host mother back in September 2009 I couldn't stop adoring you, and knowing in how deep pain you are it hurts me a lot... But I'm not writing you to show pity, NO! I just want you to know that I really admire you! I admire your strength to keep positive and keep going, to never give up and keep smiling and laughing in life. Your story is so inspirational and people should read it to be informed about this Neuropathic Chronic Pain and try to help with charity.
I could only advice you what you already know, never lose hope and stay positive, because only positivity will help you to feel something better and live your life as happier as you deserved.
Lots of love xxxx

Catherine:  So I'm trying to keep the mind busy whether it be focussing on art, breathing or reading. Which leads me onto Audrey Farrellys book -- thank you Audrey for sharing your story with us, it tugged at my heart every page, cos I could so identify with it, and I'm sure others here also can do so too. Your courage and determination are your backbone, and I'm so proud to have met you and consider you my newfound sis. For anyone who hasn't purchased Audrey's book -- I'd highly recommend it, especially on such a miserable day today when we can tend to feel that bit more isolated with the miserable weather and pain levels etc - we are not alone, are all on this journey together in some shape or form... Thank you for sharing your story Audrey, please guys - def recommend buying this book - and all funds raised goes to CPI - whom without this organisation - we would all feel a lot more isolated

Frances Gorman: Audrey, I read your book and loved it. The way you've overcome all the barriers and challenges are hard to read. I love the way your strength, belief and gentle personality come through. I will read it again slowly and maybe even reread some of the lines that inspired me. Thank you for your kindness in sharing your story. It must have been hard to see it all in black and white. Waiting for part two. Well done.

Orla O’Connell: I just finished your book also. It is absolutely excellent and so honest. Thanks for sharing your story.

Hilary: This is a fantastic read by my good friend Audrey Farrelly. So well written, hard to put down once you start it. A great insight to how her struggles all began with a back injury resulting from a car accident when she was only 17 and the daily pain she endures. Yet she still carries on with a smile on her face! Definitely worth a read with all the proceeds going to such a great cause - Chronic Pain Ireland. Good luck with the sales of this book Audrey

Orla Sheehy:  Such an honest, moving, witty and captivating read. Audrey takes us through her journey from a car accident at 17 years of age to the present day. The journey has many happy and funny times, however the real charm, is Audrey's strength and ability to cope with unrelenting, life changing pain, most can't possibly imagine. A truly informative and insightful read for all. Please support Audrey by purchasing this book, all proceeds go to Chronic Pain Ireland.

Phyllis Dorris: My daughter Audrey, who I love and I am so proud of has put her heart and soul into her first debut book 'My Second Baby Jude'. It is a sincere and honest story of her journey with Chronic Pain. It is somewhat witty but is a very easy read. I wish her every success with the sales and all the proceeds go directly to the charity, Chronic Pain Ireland.

Michelle Ui Mhainnin: I have just finished your wonderful book. What great company your book has been while I do my trial. Thank you Audrey. I love it.
Sandra Ringland: A truly inspiring, honest read, really well written by someone with true grit and determination. Audrey brings you on her Chronic Pain journey along the way there are tears, laughs and a look at the harsh reality she has had to deal with. Please support CPI by purchasing her fabulous book.

Rachel: An eye opening read into the world of living with chronic pain, and the mental challenges it brings alongside the physical. Brilliantly written and shows the strength that Audrey has! Really recommend this book and all the proceeds go to CPI!

Tara O’Connor: I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is such a fantastic read, at times heart-warming, gut wrenching, funny and sad all together. Audrey has really captured the essence of what it is like physically, mentally and emotionally to live with chronic pain. A lot of her story will resonate with fellow chronic pain sufferers and should also be read by those who have loved ones living in chronic pain, I really think it will give a greater insight into what one goes through just trying to survive with this condition. The one thing that shines through is the amazing spirit and tenacity of Audrey, she truly is an inspiration  

Jean O’Donnell Haran...An excellent book. Everyone should read it !! Well done Audrey for sharing your story!!

Sean Purcell: For someone who hasn't experienced chronic pain themselves they may believe they are looking at a healthy individual but little do they know that behind those eyes is a person writhing in pain, trying to cope with sensations of being scalded with boiling water, stabbed with a knife, beaten all over with a baseball bat to list a few.
For many it's a 24 hour battle with a condition that doesn't care if its 3am, your daughter's wedding or that you feel like throwing the towel in. It's a condition that will bring you to dark places of despair and spit you out without any remorse. A condition that eats into your core and leaves you at a very lonely and often scary juncture on a regular basis.
I know that most people have a cross to bear but l would ask you to support Chronic Pain Ireland [CPI] in any small way you can. For many people Chronic Pain Ireland has presented a glimmer of light and became a source of help and information and in many cases the first point of contact that understood them and their awful circumstances.
To understand more about Chronic pain please visit www.chronicpainireland.ie Two authors that have enriched my life through their friendships and publications are below. They both suffer from chronic pain and have documented their stories wonderfully. Both are superb reads and I would strongly recommend them.
Audrey Dorris Farrelly- My second baby Jude (available through Chronic Pain Ireland)
Andrea Hayes- Pain Free life & My life's Goal Journal available through Amazon

Amy O'Riordan: Audreys Farrelly's book "My Second Baby Jude" provides essential reading for anyone suffering with Chronic Pain and for their loved ones.  Audrey describes her extremely challenging journey and the everyday realities of living with the insidious and incurable condition Chronic Neuropathic Pain Disease.  Her expression of language flows so exquisitely  and naturally that I feel transported to a variety of places that hold huge personal significance for Audrey from St Vincent's Hospital to the Aviva Stadium. I truly admire Audrey's courageous honesty and her amazing book is extremely moving. She also infuses her book with her wonderful sense of humour and dry wit. Drawing great strength from her loving family, friends and the fantastic pain consultant Dr Murphy , Audrey also finds brilliant support from her love of Leinster Rugby.  Everyday for Audrey living with Chronic Severe Neuropathic Pain is comparable to a battle on the rubgy pitch. Her sheer tenacity is testament to both her inner strength as a person and as a Chronic Pain Warrior. Audrey has also gained tremendous support from Chronic Pain Ireland and all proceeds made from her book are donated to this absolutely wonderful organisation.