NERVEmber™ 2019 raising awareness of chronic neuropathic pain

October 17th, 2019

November is International Nerve Pain Awareness Month for people living with Neuropathic Pain.  The campaign uses NERVEmber™ to create awareness for over 150 conditions that have nerve pain as a symptom. The International Pain Foundation host the OFFICIAL NERVEmber™ campaign every year and since it’s inception tens of thousands of nerve pain patients and organisations have signed on to help promote NERVEmber™.  Chronic Pain Ireland is proud to support and be a partner of this Campaign.

The color orange is the international color for chronic pain awareness. In over 150 conditions that do have nerve pain as a symptom, many are misunderstood, mistreated and often misdiagnosed.  

Each day during the month of NERVEmber™  we’ll be asking you to post or take part in various tasks throughout the month here and on our social media pages. Throughout the month we will be using the colour Orange and the hastags #NERVEmber and #GoOrange to show our support.  We'll have lots of facts, news and events throughout the month.  We are also holding a lot of public awareness talks and self-management meetings. To find out more Click Here

You can bring awareness to conditions by posting everyday in #NERVEmber so remember to use @ChronicPainIRL @powerofpain #NERVEmber and #GoOrange so that we can see and share your posts.

More about Neuropathic Pain

Chronic pain is a disease of the central nervous system.  It is defined as “pain without apparent biological value that has persisted beyond normal tissue healing time”.  This section looks at the types of pain and some of the causes of chronic pain.