TCD Research: Examining beliefs about worry and pain in adolescents with chronic pain

February 5th, 2019

Researchers in Trinity College Dublin are asking adolesents to take part in a new Irish research study which will also be compared to the findings of international studies which are currently taking place.

Worry is a natural facet of life and is a common feature for those who experience chronic pain. Few studies to date have sought to examine beliefs about worry and pain in adolescents, despite the prevalence of chronic pain.

The hope is to shed light onto what adolescents with chronic pain worry about specifically and whether these beliefs differ from those who do not experience chronic pain. The aim of the study is that psychological treatment plans for adolescents experiencing chronic pain will be better equipped to address these issues.


  • Aged 14-18 living with ongoing pain
  • Aged 14-18 but do not have ongoing pain
  • Parent/caregiver of an adolescent living with ongoing pain who would like to take part

Researchers are looking at whether young people with ongoing pain worry about different things, and in different ways, from young people who don’t live with pain.

Researchers are seeking help to understand these differences in order to inform how they can better help young people

To take part or for more details please email Darragh Mullen at

Note this study has full ethical approval of TCD's School of Psychology Research Ethics Committee