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May 7th, 2014

This programme only applies to those who have a full Medical Card.

The HSE has launched a nationwide programme aimed at early intervention for people who are at risk of developing Mental Health problems as a result of their condition and then accessing acute Mental Health services. Those living with Chronic Pain fall into this group.

April 30th, 2014

New free Occupational Therapy Programme (Working with Arthritis) is available for people with Musculoskeletal Disorders in 13 counties of the Border, Midlands & Western (BMW) Region of Ireland. Via individualised occupational therapy, the programme aims to promote the work/
education participation of those out of work due to their physical health. This programme is part of an EU & Dept. of Social Protection funded Disability Activation Scheme. The project is being run by the University of Limerick.

April 23rd, 2014

In collaboration with the Migraine Association of Ireland and Chronic Pain Ireland the researchers at the National University of Ireland Galway are conducting a study on chronic headache pain management using online methods of treatment delivery.