Our Mission

To create a greater awareness of Chronic Pain and to provide relevant information and support for those living with the condition, for their families and friends.


Our Mission & Aims

About Us

Established in 1992, Chronic Pain Ireland CLG. is the national organisation providing information and support services to people living with Chronic Pain. We are a registered charity, and we work with all stakeholders including those living with chronic pain, their families and carers, health professionals, students, researchers and others interested in chronic pain.   

CPI has demonstrated professional leadership in Ireland and throughout Europe by raising awareness of chronic pain, educating in methods of dealing with the condition, and advocating for the needs of people living in chronic pain.

We advocate for multi-disciplinary treatment centres, improved health services and changes to the educational curriculum so that healthcare providers are more aware of the condition and the challenges of diagnosing, treating and managing the condition.

We adhere to the principles of good corporate governance.  We are transparent and compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Vision, Mission and Value


Chronic Pain Ireland (CPI) is the national charity providing information, education and support services to people living with Chronic Pain, their families and friends. We advocate on their behalf and work closely with all stakeholders.


To create a greater awareness of Chronic Pain and to provide relevant information and support for those living with the condition, for their families and friends.


Person-centricity – We believe in the rights and determination of our members, staff and volunteers.  CPI is immensely proud of our 30 year history, achievements and people.

Respect – CPI is committed to a culture of mutual respect between members, staff and volunteers.  We value diversity and listen with an open mind to members contributions.                

Integrity and Transparency – Our work is informed by the needs of those living with Chronic Pain and we operate to the highest standards of governance.  We are transparent to our members, stakeholders and wider public.

Strategic Objectives


  1. Advocacy
  2. Support and Education
  3. Research
  4. To adhere to the principles of good Governance & Regulation


Strategic Objective 1 – Advocacy

Overall Aim: CPI will act as a voice for people living with chronic pain.  Our advocacy agenda will emerge from members concerns

Specific Aims:

  1. Define CPI’s desired advocacy impacts in line with the wants, needs and requirements of our members.
  2. Work independently and in partnership with others to positively influence policy and attitudes in all areas impacting the lives of people with chronic pain.
  3. Research and identify international best practice in advocacy generally and advocating for the implications of living with chronic pain specifically.


  1. Identify, communicate and develop advocacy actions throughout the organisation.
  2. Strategic alliances in place with identified partner organisations.
  3. Ongoing monitoring of changes in policy and societal attitudes in place.
  4. Continuous training to ensure advocacy aligns to best national and international practice.


Strategic Objective 2 – Support and Education

Overall Aim:

To expand support services nationally to those living with chronic pain, their caregivers and loved-ones. To diversify current education services and accompanying literature.  

Specific Aims:

  1. Optimise support service expansion nationally based on current context and resources.
  2. Diversify current education services in a variety of settings.
  3. Development of the volunteer programme, and additional role to enable expansion and diversification.


  1. Provide consistent confidential support to members and non-members within capacity and resources of the organisation.
  2. Provide timely and up to date information in an accessible manner to all.  Information will be available in a variety of media appropriate to the needs of each audience.
  3. Diversification of education services and update of accessible literature to accompany services, within resources.
  4. Continuous training, to ensure services align to best national and international practice.


Strategic Objective 3 – Research

Overall Aim: To drive and participate in research concerning all aspects of life with chronic pain.

Specific Aims:

  1. Maintain open relationship with the research community
  2. Involvement of patient voice at all stages of research
  3. Use of research findings to achieve other strategic goals


  1. Collaboration with research bodies and academic institutes to drive and inform the ‘patient’ perspective relating to chronic pain
  2. Support research projects aimed at improving the quality of life of people living with chronic pain
  3. Dissemination of research findings through education programme and stringent criteria for participation
  4. Conduct research within the membership to better identify and reach advocacy and other strategic goals.

 Strategic Objective 4 – Governance & Compliance


Overall Aim: To strengthen the governance and regulation of CPI ensuring compliance with relevant regulatory and statutory bodies.

Specific Aims:

To comply with all voluntary, statutory and regulatory requirements, showing full transparency in all activities.


  1. Review of internal policies and operating procedures continuously. Organisation-wide training on SORP in 2019
  2. Review and update of the Constitution to reflect the needs and wants of the members
  3. Transparent financial planning and records to ensure financial sustainability and resilience.
  4. Overview of Strategic Goals 1-4 to ensure they are completed through good governance and compliant with other regulatory requirements.