Alexander Technique practical webinar series

Alexander Technique practical webinar series

a colloraboration with Niall Kelly, MSc (Mgnt) MIITD, mISATT, STAT (Cert) Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teacher

What is the Alexander Technique?  Niall explains "The underlying idea behind the success of Alexander technique is becoming aware of what triggers pain for you and understanding how you respond to these triggers. We call it Stimulus-Response.

Music Therapy for Chronic Pain programme

The University of Limerick are offering an online 12 week music therapy programme for chronic pain. This is open to Chronic Pain Ireland members only and is part of their ongoing studies into the effectiveness of music therapy for chronic pain.   It is also in response to the pandemic and levels of isolation reported by many members and callers to our support line over the last number of months.

Alexander Technique in managing and easing chronic pain. A practical webinar series presented by Niall Kelly.

Webinar 1 will be based on learning how to become aware of habits and magic dances we engage in that create or add to already existing chronic pain. These are usually unconscious habits of reaction that we engage in to protect ourselves when pain levels rise to hard to tolerate levels. We will conduct the session mainly sitting in straight chairs ideally placed near a window through which you can see into the distance or the sky.

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