Events & Meetings

Prior to COVID-19 CPI held many meetings and events nationwide.   We hope to be able to resume these as soon as safe to do so, read below to find out more about our online resources.

Prior to COVID-19 CPI regularly held nationwide meetings and events.  These varied from information meetings, guest speaker events, awareness campaigns and self-management meetings. Speakers include Pain Management Consultants / Specialists, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and Psychologists. We hope to schedule in-person events once safe to do and will publishe scheduled events below:  In the meantime check out our online library for recorded video's that we hope you find useful.

E.g., 2021-12

What to Expect

Our SMS meetings are designed to provide you with the tools to self manage and better understand your condition. For full details of what these meetings see above/link to relevant section.

Meetings range from an Introduction to Self-Management which is designed to give attendees an understanding of what is involved and to arm them with tools to implement the strategies to more advanced sessions.  Topics generally discussed at the Introductory meeting include:

  • Understanding Chronic Pain & how it differs from other pain
  • Understanding the role of Healthcare Professionals
  • Understanding all available options – Medicines/Medical Devices/CBT/TM etc.
  • Pacing skills
  • Practical relaxation / improving sleep

We then hold follow on meetings which we review self management strategies in more detail.  We encourage participants to attempt to build techniques into their daily routine and review to ascertain if they have made any progress.  We also identify topics/areas that participants would like to focus on and look at those areas that they may have had trouble implementing.  There is no point in attending a more advanced session if attendees are having difficulties in implementing these strategies.  Therefore attendees can repeat these meetings/sessions as often as they need.  

Finally when attendees are ready to progress our Self-Management facilitator along with the group  identifies three or four areas to concentrate on e.g. pacing skills, dealing with negative thinking, guilt, sleep, relaxation techniques, improving communication, coping mechanisms, building resilience etc., etc.

Regional Information and Support Meetings - Will be rescheduled once safe to do so

CPI run Support Meetings where we invite distinguished speakers to address our members regarding current topics/issues of interest. Speakers have included Pain Consultants / Specialists from around Ireland, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and Psychologists. Future meetings will be listed above.