Alexander Technique practical webinar series

Alexander Technique practical webinar series

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Alexander Technique practical webinar series

a colloraboration with Niall Kelly, MSc (Mgnt) MIITD, mISATT, STAT (Cert) Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teacher

What is the Alexander Technique?  Niall explains "The underlying idea behind the success of Alexander technique is becoming aware of what triggers pain for you and understanding how you respond to these triggers. We call it Stimulus-Response.

Alexander discovered that if we can create a tiny pause between the stimulus and the response we begin to gain more and more control over our habitual responses or habits. He called it inhibiting. It is not about stopping doing what you want to do, it is about stopping or inhibiting your reactions to the signal; deciding if they are the best way to go in the circumstances; and then choosing a conscious way of doing what you want to do. It is an experimental and experiential approach that allows you try out different ways of doing things and hopefully hitting on a way that allows you do so with less or no pain!

This forms a very secure foundation for managing ourselves and our pain levels in our everyday activities. It doesn’t matter whether the pain is caused by structural issues such as injuries and the like, or is more systemic. Understanding our responses to triggers and stimuli generally, is key to improvement.

Chronic Pain Ireland members have the opportunity to attend the webinars below free of charge.  Each webinar is one hour in duration running from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  

What to expect
Webinar 1 - (4th March)  Will be based on learning how to become aware of habits and the magic dances we engage in that create, or add to already existing chronic pain. These are usually unconscious habits of reaction that we use to protect ourselves when pain levels rise to hard to tolerate levels. We will conduct the session mainly sitting in straight chairs ideally placed near a window through which you can see into the distance or the sky.

Having identified (or not) those habits then
Webinar 2 (11th March) will focus on stopping the habits and exploring different ways and approaches to doing the day-to-day activities we have to engage in so as not to trigger excessive pain levels.

Webinar 3 - (18th March) is about using breath and voice to create resonant tones and humming which help to encourage muscle release and minimise muscle tensioning that may be adding to pain levels or interfering with natural breath.

Webinar 4 (April 1st) will act as a wrap-up session focusing on each individuals future needs and strategies in managing chronic pain.

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