Chronic Pain and risks of addiction

Chronic Pain and risks of addiction

What are the facts between pain, medications, risk of addiction? What makes people different & what can you do to gain better peace of mind. 




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Many people who have chronic pain worry about the medication they're prescribed, because of the association between some painkillers and addiction. What are the facts about pain and addiction, what makes people different and what can you do to gain better peace of mind?

This webinar will give you a better understanding of how painkillers work - in the short term and over time - as well as helping you learn why some people's reactions to medicines can be different to others. You'll also learn why some people become addicted, what we can do to stop the stigma around addiction, and what steps you can take to help you stay safe while managing your chronic pain.

Our speakers on the day include: Martina Phelan, Chairperson Chronic Pain Ireland who herself lives with a chronic pain condition and represents those living with pain nationally and internationally. She delivers informational talks on chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Ireland strive to create greater awareness of chronic pain and provide information and support for those living with chronic pain and their families and friends.

Our key note speakers on the day are:

Keith Cassidy who is a Psychotherapist and is the Clinic Manager for Smarmore Castle Clinic which is an in-patient addiction clinic on the Louth Meath border. Smarmore Castle Clinic provide onsite detox and treatment for those with various addictions using a medically led multi-disciplinary team approach. Keith is responsible for the day-to-day management of the therapy team and operations. Keith will talk about the impact and trauma of chronic pain, removing the stigma and will answer chronic pain questions on the day.

Dr Hugh Gallagher, is the Medical Director at Smarmore Castle Clinic and a General Practitioner and Substance Misuse Specialist. During his talk he will inform people about the mechanics of how painkillers work with areas such as:

  • How have painkillers been developed and “improved” over time?
  • How do they work – e.g. interacting with receptors in the brain?
  • What makes some painkillers more addictive than others?
  • How people are different – i.e. Why do some painkillers work for some people and not others?
  • Why do some people get addicted and others not?
  • What positive steps can you take – Whatever your circumstances, and however long you’ve suffered from chronic pain, what can you do to help yourself and others to stay safe?

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